• Expertize in SAP Technical Architecture and Software since SAP R/3 4.0B
  • Expertize in RDBMS Systems like (MaxDB, DB2, ASE as well ) Oracle Database Software since Oracle 7.2.3
  • Deep understanding of technology to serve business requirements
  • Expertize in Unicode Conversions, SAP Installations, Upgrades , SPS Updates, System Copies, Enhancement Pack Installations on different OS and database platforms
  • Expertize in performance tuning of SAP systems
  • Experience in work environments in different countries (Turkey, Canada, Germany)
  • Experience in outsourcing of SAP systems to Offshore
  • Experience in Real Time Shop Floor Production Management Systems , MES’s (Manufacturing Execution Systems) integration with SAP mainly through IDOCs.
  • Experience in Aluminum , Steel and other process control requiring Industries Automation Systems